Boosting microscopy in Belgium

The Royal Belgian Society for Microscopy is the voice of a growing community of microscopists
and microscopy users in Belgium, currently representing more than 300 members.
For over 50 years, RBSM has endeavoured to foster microscopy-oriented research and education,
to promote international interactions, and to help accelerate microscopy development.

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RBSM organizes yearly conferences, sponsors specialist courses, offers young researchers travel grants, and hands out awards for exquisite microscopy artwork and outstanding PhD dissertations in the field of microscopy or microscopy-inspired research.

Highlights from the year 2016

Becoming a Royal Society

In 2016, our Society became officially recognised as a Royal Society, and received its Royal Charter from the governor of the province of Antwerp. From now on, the society is known as the Royal Belgian Society for Microscopy (RBSM).

RBSM Golden Jubilee Meeting

RBSM celebrated its' 50th anniversary with a special annual event including top talks by internationally renowned speakers and an official session for the broad audience. With over 120 participants, the Golden Jubilee Meeting was a big succes!

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