Micrograph Gallery

Here are some of the beautiful micrographs captured by our RBSM members

  • Embryo - DAPI counterstained nuclei of a human embryo, segmented and depth-color-coded.
    © Winnok De Vos, University of Antwerp

  • Actin cytoskeleton - Widefield Microscopy of phalloidin/DAPI counterstained ECV-304 cells
    © Winnok De Vos, Antwerp University

  • Harmonic - Mitotic cells visualised by autofluorescence (red) and second harmonics (green).
    © Marcel Ameloot, Biophysics group, Hasselt University.

  • ECV-LMNA - Widefield fluorescence image of stable transgenic ECV-LMNA cells
    © Winnok De Vos, Antwerp University

  • Root tip - Confocal reconstruction of transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana H2B-GFP plant.
    © Winnok De Vos, Antwerp University

  • BY2 cells - Confocal section of BY2 tobacco cells transformed with a GFP-Nictaba construct.
    © Annelies Delporte, Ghent University

  • Nuclear dysmorphy - Compound progeroid patient cells counterstained for nuclear envelope components lamin B1 and NPC's.
    © Winnok De Vos, Antwerp University

  • Hippocampus - Confocal section of cleared Thy1-GFP (cyan) mouse brain counterstained for neuronal nuclei (red)
    © Jan Detrez, Antwerp University

  • Hyper worms - Combined transmitted and fluorescence image of a C. elegans strain expressing HyPer-GFP
    © Patricia Back, Ghent University

  • Short circuit - Color-coded time projection of a human fibroblast undergoing mitochondrial depolarization.
    © Tom Sieprath, Ghent University

  • Cross - DNA damage repair in a U2OS-53BP1 cell nucleus after laser micro-irradiation.
    © Winnok De Vos, Antwerp University.

  • Innervation - Mouse intestine section stained for enteric neurons/glia (green), neuronal processes (red) and nuclei (blue).
    © Zhi-ling Li, KUL (RBSM awardee 2016)

  • Insect look-a-like - Spry4 KO mouse antrum section stained for S100β+ glia (green), enteric neurons (red) and nuclei (blue).
    © Pierre Vandenberghe, ULB (RBSM awardee 2016)

  • Expanded Nuclei - Overlay of lamin-counterstained carcinoma nuclei before (red) and after (cyan) expansion.
    © Joke Robijns, Antwerp University (RBSM awardee 2018)

Spotlight: RBSM 2018 Picture Awards

The more the merrier - Label-free image of neuroblastoma formation. Polarization-dependent forward SHG reveals horizontally (cyan) or vertically oriented (red) microtubule bundles in axonal projections. Autofluorescence (yellow) from the cell coma was acquired simultaneously.
© Valérie Van Steenberghen, KU Leuven

Innervated brain - Light-sheet microscopy of optically cleared mouse brain perfusion stained for the vasculature. Fluorescent labelling was done by intravenous administration of a Alexa647-conjugated lectin. A colour-weighted axial projection was rendered with a Fire lookup-table to visualize depth differences.
© Jan Detrez, UAntwerpen

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